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Piper Hendricks is an advocacy communications consultant based in Washington, D.C. Having chosen a nontraditional career path after law school, the common threads throughout her advocacy career are justice, equality and storytelling. In a variety of formats, Hendricks has employed storytelling with a purpose; whether in the courtroom, on the silver screen or on Capitol Hill, she has championed change to promote opportunity for all. 

After graduating with honors from the University of Michigan law school, Hendricks’ legal career began at the Arias Foundation and later the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica. She then returned to the United States where after several years at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP and a judicial clerkship, she returned to human rights, with a focus on litigation, coalition building and policy.  

After years of litigating before an audience of judges and opposing counsel, Hendricks chose film as the medium to reach the public-at-large about human rights and equality. She founded p.h. balanced films to raise awareness through storytelling and film of important problems facing people around the world - and to inspire action toward solutions.   

Throughout her life, Hendricks has been inspired by the words that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke on the grounds of the Washington monument in 1959:

  “Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.”
Born in Ohio, as a first-generation South Asian, Niyati fondly remembers traveling to India throughout her childhood. After completing her undergraduate degree in Communications at the University of Cincinnati, Niyati earned a graduate certificate in Historical Documentary Filmmaking from George Washington University and produced a collaborative local film about religion in the Washington region. Niyati then worked for nearly seven years at Discovery Channel as a producer for the International Networks, creating and managing over 100 programs in 35 languages worldwide. There, she directed and created knowledge sharing tools between domestic and international departments and corporate clients, ensuring timely and on-budget development, production and delivery of original commissions and co-productions.

In 2010, she independently directed and edited short films in Ghana illustrating innovative development projects aimed at alleviating poverty. She was awarded the Women of Vision Scholarship and an Organization of American States fellowship in film and gender, respectively. Most recently, Niyati completed her Master’s degree in International Development/Conflict Management at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS).

Niyati has also developed, managed, and delivered workshops and trainings addressing gender-based violence both domestically and internationally. She is currently a global senior advisor on gender equality and social inclusion. In November of 2017, Niyati will serve as a co-facilitator for our pilot in Nepal!
Before moving to her current position at the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), Theresa served as the Executive Director of Human Rights USA, where she built on years of human rights activism and community organizing. Theresa has been a dedicated volunteer with Amnesty International, coordinating AI USA’s Middle East Regional Action Network. Theresa has done outreach and publicity as a volunteer for the Florida Center for Survivors of Torture, and taught English to refugees in Florida through Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program. Theresa served for several years as a member of the board of directors of Amnesty International USA and a member of the World Organisation Against Torture's governing body (General Assembly).

Theresa received her J.D. from American University Washington College of Law, where she was a Public Interest/Public Service Scholar, an editor for the Human Rights Brief, and a member of the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law Student Advisory Board.  She holds a Master of Science in Planning from the University of Tennessee and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology.
Sara began her career working for NGOs in the international development and disaster response fields. She had an epiphany one day, and thought she had invented the concept of ethical investing. While initially disappointed that others had thought of this long ago, she was fortunate to be able to enter the humming field of Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI). With the exception of a few years as an environmental consultant, she has never looked back. Her first job in the SRI field was with a Washington, DC-based research firm, where she conducted social and environmental analysis of publicly traded companies. From there, Sara moved to Europe to work as a senior sustainability analyst for a large SRI fund management team. Now back in Washington, DC, Sara is an independent writer and analyst, focusing on sustainability issues that are material to investors and consumers. Her primary clients include The Motley Fool and The Sustainable Investments Institute.

Sara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia in French and Spanish, and a Master of Arts degree from George Mason University in Economics. Sara grew up in Asia and Africa, and has had the misfortune of observing first hand the direct and indirect effects of companies’ human rights abuses. Her hope is that, in some small way, her work can make such abuses a thing of the past.
After graduating law school in 2012, John received the SuperLawyers Pro-Bono Award for his dedication to combatting human trafficking. John then studied the scope of sex and labor trafficking as a Fulbright Fellow in Ecuador and now works in Philadelphia, representing victims of labor trafficking. John's creativity extends to film creation, website development and event photography. John formerly lived in Japan and Bahrain as a Naval Officer. John's experience with exploited migrant workers in the Arabian Gulf prompted him to leave military service and begin a path that would allow him to become a voice for exploited and enslaved workers around the globe.
Since our founding, p.h. balanced films has been incredibly fortunate to work with a variety of talented researchers, writers, videographers, editors, and many interns and fellows who have gone on to exciting and meaningful careers after their time with us.

We are forever grateful for the past contributions of:

Dominique Amri,  Rebecca Ballard,  Madison Detwiler,  Jane Dimnwaobi, Mary Donovan, Jennifer Fischer, Ishita Ghai, Tahirah Green,  Nicole Goodson, Dana Hoyes, Kate Holtermann,  Aiden Korotkin, Rachel Pafe, Anna Rohwer, Erin Florence Dean, Jason Gaines, Caroline Godfrey,  Molly Knight,  Belen Loza, Franny Mestrich, Kathryn Monsewicz, Kyla Reslock, Kate Ryan, Kate Schuler, Jason Schulman, Lindsey Sitz, Betsy Walters, Cassandra Waters, Jean Weicher, Howard Weiss, Luciana Weyne, and Katie Zombo.
Meet the graduates of Reel Women Real Change Nepal 2017:
Anisha Bk
Navina Deshar
Dikshya Gautam
Shweta Gulati
Bhawana Gurung
Rajya Laxmi Gurung
Sujata Gurung
Madhu Kumari Jha
Bhumika Saru Magar
Maina Majhi
Kaamala Neupane
Yumisha Niroula
Shreelata Rana
Rajeela Shrestha
Sajana Shrestha
Romi Tandukar
Sobita Subedi
Asha Thapa
Sushma Pun Tilija
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We are very grateful for the mentorship talents of Tim Parsons, Kate Schuler, Alexis Matsui, William Kanellis, Pierre Kattar, Rhoda Feng, Nasreen Alkhateeb, Camila Martins, Amy Oden, Patti Jette, Lauren Weiner, Kristin Harris, Melissa Houghton, and LaKesha Hammond.

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There is growing recognition that when women succeed, their communities succeed. As Jessica Chastain recently noted, “We need more diversity. We’re not telling the stories of many, we’re telling the stories of few.” 

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